About Us

Established in 2015, Tung Yao Ceramics has been a platform to promote the importance of ceramics in daily life. We encourage the appreciation of ceramics through workshops and school teaching, educational trips to Jingdezhen, and ceramics customised order for local and international businesses.

Ceramics practice is an expensive journey and takes years to perfect it. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the right materials and tools for your own level. To offer a more affordable ceramics tools, clay and materials, we decide to fully develop Tung Yao Ceramics Supply in 2022.

Items on the website are carefully selected and most of them have been used in our studio for years. We pick ceramics materials, tools, and equipments from the globe, and we wish this could match the needs of ceramics makers in different levels.

We believe that our affordable products could support ceramics lovers to sustain their ceramics journey in the beginning, and assist schools to provide a comprehensive art education.


練習陶瓷從來不是一門價錢便宜的手藝,而個人技術需要年月焠鍊純熟。因此,在不同的練習階段選擇適合自己程度的材料和工具極為重要。二零二二年,我們決定正式成立 Tung Yao Ceramics Supply,為大家提供更實惠的陶藝工具、泥及材料等等。