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金色花 Chrysanthos

金色花 Chrysanthos|中高溫幻彩釉 Fantasy Glazes High Fire (FG) (12 Colours)

金色花 Chrysanthos|中高溫幻彩釉 Fantasy Glazes High Fire (FG) (12 Colours)

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燒製範圍 Firing Temperature

Cone 06 (999°C) – Cone 04 (1060°C)


使用方法:於中高溫素燒上施用 2- 3層

*The colour on the picture might have deviation, all the colours are for reference only.



  • To be applied on earthenware/low fire bisque
  • Using 2-3 coats with crystals dispersed evenly
  • Firing range between Cone 06 (999°C) – Cone 04 (1,060°C)
  • Colors are intermixable
  • Crazing may be experienced therefore not for use on functional ware where they can contact food and drink


Chrysanthos Fantasy Glazes are a premium range of crystal glaze designed to add an element of surprise to your ceramics experience. The Fantasy Glazes are applied directly to bisque from the container. Colors may be intermixed to create even more exciting combinations than those available.

Fantasy Glazes may be applied adjacent to each other and will not flow into one another so multiple effects can be applied to one piece.

The Fantasy Glazes are also fully intermixable with the High Fire Glazes.


Generally, to obtain optimum results, 2 – 3 coats of Fantasy Glaze should be applied using a glaze fan brush. Ensure each coat is dry before applying subsequent coats.

Different methods can be used to apply the Fantasy Glaze. Either shake the jar and apply glaze and crystals together or first apply glaze for one or two coats then shake the jar and apply the last coat with crystals.

Note that when Fantasy Glaze is to run, be sure to stilt piece correctly and brush ample Kiln Wash onto shelves to prevent damage to shelves.

physical data

For the best results, the Fantasy Glazes should be fired to between Cone 06 (999°C) – Cone 04 (1,060°C) on middle fire bisque that has been previously fired to approximately cone 10 (900°C).

safety data

Ceramic ware that has been coated with Fantasy Glazes should not be used for the storage of food and beverages.

The Fantasy Glazes in all cases are lead free. Several may contain encapsulated cadmium or copper compounds and due to the nature of these types of glazes, they will have a tendency to craze.

Always refer to the bottle for all hazards and safety instructions.


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