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金色花 Chrysanthos

金色花 Chrysanthos|中高溫單色釉 High Fire Glazes (HF) (23 Colours)

金色花 Chrysanthos|中高溫單色釉 High Fire Glazes (HF) (23 Colours)

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產品介紹 Product Details


在產品代碼的後綴上顯示,該系列有三種覆蓋類型。 “O”表示不透明,“S”表示半透明,T表示透明。


一些標示“^”的產品表示有粉狀提供, 可用於浸釉或噴釉。


燒製範圍 Firing Temperature

(A)Cone 4-6  溫錐,即1186°C - 1222°C
(B)Cone 4-8  溫錐,即1186°C - 1263°C

可提供:粉狀釉料- ^ = 0.5kg, 1kg, 10 kg

*The colour on the picture might have deviation, all the colours are for reference only.



  • To be applied only on middle fire bisque
  • Using 3 coats to achieve desired coverage. Wait for coat to dry between applications
  • Colors are intermixable
  • Will bleed at inter-color interface
  • Firing range between Cone 4 (1,186°C) – Cone 6 (1,222°C)
  • Finish: Semi Transparent
  • Appropriate for functional ware (food safe) provided entire piece is covered in HF, has been fired correctly and used on compatible middle fire bisque.


Chrysanthos High Fire Clear Glaze is a high gloss lead free glaze designed for use over items that have been first decorated with Underglazes and One Strokes. Once fired correctly the ware will be protected from moisture and discoloration caused by contact with food and liquids.

The colored appearance of the brush on High Fire Clear Glaze is intended to assist application by highlighting glazed areas.


Three full coats are required to achieve the best results using the High Fire Clear Glaze. These are carefully applied at right angles to one another (ie. crosshatched), allowing each to dry in-between. A soft glazing brush should be used in order to minimise streaking. Besides brushing, the High Fire Clear glaze may also be sponged.

The High Fire Clear Glaze Brush on may be sprayed and thinned with clean water if necessary to improve glaze flow.

When using the High Fire Clear Glaze Dipping, it may be necessary to add some clean water depending on the thickness of the glaze required on the ware and the firing temperature of the kiln. Stir the glaze thoroughly and to 10 litres of glaze add 400 – 500 ml clean water. Proceed to dip pieces once using tongs, stirring glaze occasionally to keep the glaze uniform.

Both the High Fire Clear Brush On and the Dipping Glazes are overglaze compatible and may also be sprayed.

physical data

Chrysanthos High Fire Glaze codes are suffixed by an opacity indicator “O” for Opaque; “S” for Semi-Transparent and “T” for Transparent.

High Fire Glazes may be intermixed.

High Fire Glazes are specifically formulated for application onto mid fire clay that has been bisque fired and then gloss fired to between cone 4 (1,186°C ) and cone 6 (1,222°C).

The High Fire Clear Glazes have been specifically formulated for application to mid fire clays that are to be glaze fired to between cone 4 (1,186°C) and cone 6 (1,222°C).

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