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金色花 Chrysanthos

金色花 Chrysanthos|中高溫無光單色釉 Matt Glazes High Fire (MG) (17 Colours)

金色花 Chrysanthos|中高溫無光單色釉 Matt Glazes High Fire (MG) (17 Colours)

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為獲得最佳效果,建議刷 2 - 3 層 實心塗層。獲得的無光效果也會因溫度而異。



燒製範圍 Firing Temperature

Cone 4 - 8 溫錐,即1186°C - 1263°C


使用方法: 於中高溫素燒上施用2-3 層
是否可混合使用: 是
還可提供:粉狀釉料- ^ = 0 .5kg, 1kg, 10 kg
                   刷釉/浸釉- *= 10 L

*The colour on the picture might have deviation, all the colours are for reference only.



  • To be applied only on middle fire bisque
  • Using 2-3 solid coats to achieve desired coverage. Wait for coat to dry between applications
  • Colors are intermixable
  • Firing range between Cone 4 (1,186°C) – Cone 8 (1,263°C)


Our “Matt Glazes H” are a premium range of solid matt glazes designed to create a uniform matt finish on ceramic ware in an array of captivating colors.

Matt Glaze H Clear Glaze may be used over Underglaze and One Stroke decoration for a matted effect.

Matt Glazes H are for application to middle fire bisque and when fired correctly will seal and protect the ceramic ware from moisture and discolouration caused by contact with food and liquids.

Matt Glazes H are also fully intermixable.


To obtain optimum results, 2 – 3 thick coats of Matt Glazes H should be applied using a fan brush. Ensure each coat is dry before applying subsequent coats at right angles to one another (i.e. crosshatching).  Water may be added if necessary to thin the glaze to prevent bubbling or other imperfections.

In the case of the Matt Clear, only 2 to 3 thick coats should be applied.

physical data

For the best results, the Matt Glaze H should be fired to between cone 4 (1,186oC) and cone 8 (1,263oC) on middle fire bisque. A slow firing is preferable to ensure that the glaze has time to smooth out and produce a smoot finish.

safety data

Ceramic ware that has been coated with Matt Glazes H may be used for the storage of food and beverages if the glaze has not crazed.

Always refer to the bottle and SDS for all hazard and safety instructions.

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