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金色花 Chrysanthos

金色花 Chrysanthos | 釉下彩 Under Glaze [60ml/500ml] (21 Colours)

金色花 Chrysanthos | 釉下彩 Under Glaze [60ml/500ml] (21 Colours)

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產品介紹 Product Details

1. 可以使用在生坯或素坯上。
2. 能夠應用在大多數陶泥上。
3. 可適用於大部分透明刷釉或浸釉。
4. 簡單塗刷1~3層即可。
5. 在顏色交界處不會滲色。
6. 不同的顏色混合調勻後可產生許多新的顏色。
7. 不管是氣窯還是電窯,大多數顏色的燒製溫度可以達到Cone 10溫錐(即1305℃),請參考色板。
8. 可不借助其他輔料,直接用於絲網印刷。

燒製範圍 Firing Temperature

A. Cone 06 - 03 溫錐 (999 °C - 1101°C)
B. Cone 06 - 6   溫錐 (999°C - 1222°C)
C. Cone 06 - 10 溫錐 (999°C - 1305°C)


*The colour on the picture might have deviation, all the colours are for reference only.


  • To be applied on greenware or bisque
  • Using 1-3 coats to achieve desired coverage. Wait for coat to dry between applications.
  • Colors are intermixable
  • No bleeding at inter-color interface
  • Firing range between Cone 06 (999°C) – Cone 6 (1,222°C)


Chrysanthos Underglazes come in a large range of colors. When applied correctly to greenware or bisqueware they provide full opaque streak free coverage:

■ On greenware, the clay is fired to bisque temperatures then covered with a suitable clear glaze and refired to seal the ceramic piece.

■ On bisqueware, the Underglaze decoration should be thoroughly dry before being glazed over and then fired to recommended gloss temperatures to seal the ceramic piece.

■ Most of the underglazes may be left unglazed to create a matt look similar to engobes. If fired higher on an appropriate clay body, the result may be slightly satin in appearance. If used in this way, they are mainly suitable for use on non functional ware.


If color is being brushed on, an appropriate size soft-bristled brush should be used. If a larger area is being covered, a generous sized brush will minimise streakiness and allow a most even application.

To obtain optimum results, 2 – 3 coats of Underglaze should be applied using a well-loaded brush. Ensure each coat is dry before applying subsequent coats at right angles to one another (i.e. crosshatching).

Underglaze colors are designed for use directly from the bottle, although they may be sprayed or sponged. Clean water may be added to achieve alternate finishes or to adjust consistency for spraying.

Note: If employing the high bisque/low gloss method of firing as is the practice in the hobby industry, application of Underglazes on to bisque and glazing directly over the unfired decoration, (before firing to the lower glost temperatures) may result in a less vibrant color, as the Underglazes will not have been exposed to the higher heat development during bisque firing. However, if your practice is to low bisque/high gloss, then color representation will be the same for both bisque and greenware applications.

physical data

Chrysanthos Underglazes have a broad recommended firing range and most will fire between cone 06 (999°C) and cone 10 (1,305°C).

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