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Cone Art Kilns

Cone Art Kilns | 上揭式電窯 Oval Pottery Kiln 4227D

Cone Art Kilns | 上揭式電窯 Oval Pottery Kiln 4227D

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Product Features 產品特色 

  • Original Cone 10 Kilns 可燒至攝氏1305度
  • Energy Save 節省電費
  • Remotely Monitor and Control the Kiln 遙距監察及控制電窯
  • Easier Loading and Unloading 入窯出窯更容易
  • Keep Temperature Even from Top to Bottom 保溫更平均
  • Suitable for Schools and Studios 適合學校及工作室

What Tung Yao Ceramics Supply Offers 我們會提供:

  1. 2-Year Warranty 兩年保養
  2. Delivery and Installation Included 包運送及安裝
  3. Offer Kiln Furniture and Elements Replacement 提供配件及電子零件更換
  4. Free Training on Maintenance 免費維修教學
  5. Free Training on Kiln Loading 免費出入窯教學
  6. Free Test Firing and Kiln Visit 免費試燒及試睇爐
Delivery time could be affected by sea freight and the pandemic situation. 運送時間或會因船運或疫情而延遲。


  • 16.5 cubic feet
  • 240 or 208 Volts
  • 80 or 90 amp breaker required
  • Sectional design
  • 3 Zone Bartlett Controller at NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Patented lid lifter at NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Double wall construction

Product Description

The Tuckers Cone Art Kiln Model 4227D is a massive 16.5 cubic feet oval kiln with a full 42″ width, 31″ from front to back and a 27″ depth. The 4227D is designed for a busy production or sculpture studio. It is a double insulated kiln with 2.5 ” of premium firebrick plus 1″ of block insulation around the walls. The floor and lid are constructed with 3″ firebrick and has an additional 1″ of block insulation. The entire kiln, including the lid, is clad in a stainless steel jacket for extra protection and durability.

The extra insulation ensures even firings, stops heat loss through the walls and lid, saves 30% in electricity costs, and lengthens element life.

There are heavy-duty Kanthal A-1 elements in the walls and floor. This kiln makes firing up to cone 10 effortless even with heavy loads.

The kiln is equipped with a Bartlett Controller with 3 Zone Control at NO EXTRA CHARGE which is mounted on an angled easy view panel.

The Tuckers Cone Art Kiln Model 4227D also comes with our patented LID LIFTER at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

This kiln is available with either the standard V6-CF keypad or the new Genesis touch screen. The standard model is the BX4227D. The Genesis version is GX4227D.

The 4227D has all the features and more that you need in a professional kiln.

Furniture Kit

  • 3 – 26″ x 13″ x ” Kiln Shelves
  • 6 – 26″ half Round Shelves
  • 9 – 1″ Posts
  • 9 – 2″ Posts
  • 9 – 4″ Posts
  • 9 – 6″ Posts
  • 9 – 8″ Posts
  • 2Kgs – Kiln Wash
Technical Specification
Model Dimensions (inches): w (x l) x h
Inside | Outside
Sections Cubic
Phase Amps
240V | 208V
CU Wire
41 x 31 x 27 | 48 x 38 x 35



75 | 79.9

43.3 | 46.1





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