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Mudtools | 橙色吸水海綿 Orange Absorbent Mudsponge (1 pc)

Mudtools | 橙色吸水海綿 Orange Absorbent Mudsponge (1 pc)

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Size: 2.63" x 3.75"

The Orange Absorbent pop-up sponge is the perfect throwing sponge. More absorbent than the White Finishing and the Blue Workhorse, it is the sponge Michael uses for throwing.

Mudtools 橙色吸水海綿是最佳的拉柸海綿,吸水力比白色修整海綿及藍色粗糙海綿強。此外,它亦非常適合用於各種陶藝製造。

Natural sponges have been used by potters for years. However, the quality of natural sponges can be unpredictable and we try to be environmental conscious about what materials we use and the long term effects. Our sponges are made of a biodegradable and environmentally friendly material that is incredibly durable. Your Mudsponge comes to you compressed for economy of space and for the fun of watching them expand when introduced to water.

天然海綿已被陶藝創作者使用多年。天然海綿的質素並無法預料,而抱有環保意識的Mudtools 非常注意他們使用的物料及其長期對環境的影響。Mudsponge 是以一種非常耐用、可生物降解及環保物料所製成。為了節省空間,海綿會以壓縮形式呈現。海綿只要接觸水就能解壓,望見海綿解壓亦是一種舒壓。

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