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Tung Yao Ceramics

Tung Yao Apron for Ceramics 陶藝圍裙

Tung Yao Apron for Ceramics 陶藝圍裙

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Tung Yao has designed a work apron that is well suited for pottery!

In terms of the functional, we have considered the pose of sitting or squatting movements where legs need to be separated; our apron can cover both knees.
According to users of different body types, the strap length and the split of apron design have designed. Besides, waterproof, the lightweight fabric used as the main fabric of this ceramic apron. Light and not cumbersome, good waterproof performance, even in winter, you are not afraid of staining your clothes!

The pocket position is just right on both sides of the thigh. You can put your hands down naturally. The large pocket with buckle button can allow you to put a small handbook or your phone in without dropping out.

The straps cross from the back and pass through the holes on both sides of the apron. There are two ways to tie at the front or behind for considering the diversity of the body.


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