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Tung Yao Ceramics

童窯自家設計拉柸機 Tung Yao Ceramics Throwing Wheel

童窯自家設計拉柸機 Tung Yao Ceramics Throwing Wheel

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產品介紹 Product Introduction 



The first Tung Yao Ceramics Throwing Wheel is finally here!
Through out the years, we have been using different throwing wheel brands. Mostly from Japan, Europe and America. Although their wheels are professional qualities but they can be a very heavy and long investment for beginners and youngsters.

Since foreign brands manufactures a lot of their mechanical parts in China, the quality of China throwing wheels has improved and kept up to standards. Our manufacturer is one of the most well known factory in Jingdezhen , China - the porcelain capital of the world .

Nowadays, There are a large range of China throwing wheels , available in a much cheaper price on the market, however, their quality can still be inconsistent depending on which price and factories.

Ceramics making can be a costly hobby in Hong Kong. For those who just at the beginning of their ceramic journey, having a suitable and affordable wheels would be handy and it is the next step forward.

From improving their skills through self-practice or thinking to start up your own personal ceramics studio / business. Schools and NGO running ceramics programs.

The design of our wheels are well tested by our tutors and students from all levels. It took us time and careful planning to ensure we have a good , easy to use and affordable wheels for a city studio.

產品特色 Product Features 

- 機身可調節高度 Adjustable Legs

- 穩定控速無難度 Steady Speed Control

- 摩打寧靜無震動 Quiet Motor, No Vibrations 

- 香港電壓 Hong Kong Standard Voltage

- 英式三腳插頭 UK Standard Plug 


  • 有基礎陶藝知識,希望自行練習提升水平的創作者 

  • 有意成立個人工作室的藝術工作者

  • 有意開展陶藝教育或添置器材的學校

Suitable For

  • Intermediate learners with basic pottery knowledge and seek to boost up their skills by self-practices

  • Artists who are interested in establishing their personal studios

  • Schools that wish to begin ceramic teaching or to purchase new equipments

我們會提供 What Tung Yao Ceramics Supply Offers 

  1. 1-Year Warranty 一年保養 
  2. Delivery Included 包專人運送
  3. Offer Pedal and Electric Wire Replacement 提供腳踏、電線更換
  4. Free Test Throwing 免費試機

產品描述 Product Description 

Watt: 400W

Speed: 0-320rpm

Voltage: 220V

Motor: Dual-control speed

Diameter: 280mm

Size: 58cm*41.8cm*42cm

條款及細則 Terms and Conditions 


1 year warranty only includes the structure of wheel body. Pedal, tray, wires are excluded from the warranty.

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